Attendee management


MIXX helps event organizers to manage and track their attendees from invitations, over online registration until onsite check-in and management.

Covid Safe Ticket

We have integrated the Covid Safe Ticket with our scanners so that you can easily check the validity of your guests’ tickets and their Corona Certificate. This reduces the complexity of the check-in process and decreases the length of queues at the entrance of your event.

For your event we rent robust laser scanners, which are delivered fully charged and ready for use on site.

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Branded event website

Branded conference and event websites.
Advanced registration features.

Real-time subscription management

Track your attendees in real time.
Know exactly which of your attendees have already RSVP’d and anticipate on those who haven’t.

Communication platform

Stay in contact with your attendees.
Send email or fast SMS to keep them posted about the latest events.

Extended features

Should your event have specific pre-event requirements we are happy to help you seek a solution.

During your event

On Arrival

Welcome your attendees as personal friends.
Scan,  look up or add attendees when they arrive.

Sessions and Workshops

Track your attendees and see who is attending which session or workshop.
EVENTsight allows you to create open or private sessions.

Live badge printing

We provide onsite badgeprinting service, simply because it is more efficient and ecological. We handle the technical side, provide you with the required rental hardware and offer support where needed.

Lead management

Know what your attendees want.
Create custom surveys and allow yourself and your exhibitors to get more information from your attendees.

Real time statistics

Just knowing the raw number of attendees that have arrived doesn’t offer much insight. Our real time analytics feature gives you a detailed look at who is present in realtime.

POS system with live payments

When entering the venue, your attendees can receive credits on a paycard. These credits can then be spent during the event. Event managers can have full control over this entire process and can apply modifications when needed.

Data visualisation

Our software offers various form of data visualisations. These are not just fancy add-ons but they provide you with an easy yet profound insight on your events situation. Additionally, these visualisations can easliy be used in corporate documents or presentations.

Setup of dedicated networks

Working with networks in public venues is often quite troublesome. To ensure we don’t run into network issues, we provide our own onsite server and routers and we setup our own wireless network.


Extended reporting capabilities

Real-time reporting of one venue or a portfolio of venue’s is available at your fingertips from our software. Run reports by company name, see who is on site at anytime, track time and attendance, improve security and safety.

Complete data extraction

Extended exports of the participants registrations and activities, suitable for import in any CRM or local platform.

Post-event communication

Based on your registration data, you can perform a full export of all your data and send post-event emails to your attendees or upload your data into other systems which you and your organisation use.

Post-event evaluation forms

Interested in getting accurate feedback from your attendees? Our platform allows you to create custom evaluation forms which will allow attendees to easily provide you with their feedback.

Fully compatible with Mac OS, Windows and iOS

EVENTsight is compatible with any operating system and webbrowser.

Registration methods

Each event is unique and has specific requirements. We provide different solutions to register your attendees.

1D / 2D Scanners

Connect any 1D or 2D scanner to your computer.
Start scanning right away!

eID reading

By reading the data of eID cards, we can automatically register your attendees.

Mobile scanners

Our 4G scanners allow you to scan anywhere you want

Collection of digital signatures

Collect digital signatures at the entrance of your event.

RFID scanning

Want to scan visitors with RFID technology? Contact us to discuss the wide range of possibilities that the RFID technology offers.

Stand-alone kiosk apps

Ask your attendees to register themselves with our kiosk app.