Custom event apps


Whether you’re hosting an enterprise conference, a trade show, a festival, or a sporting event – having a nice-looking mobile event app can make a big impact. Every app we create is professionally designed and user-friendly.Your attendees will also appreciate having an app that looks nice and is easy to use.

Personalized Experience

Every attendee can manage his or her own personal agenda, save notes, and can easily edit their event app profile.

Private In-App Chat

New channels of communication create new opportunities. In-app messaging lets attendees network one-on-one through the conference app without publicly displaying contact details.

Interactive map

Pin-drop locations help attendees find their way around large, unfamiliar conference halls so they can get to where they need to be.

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Real-Time Polls & Surveys

Powerful polling turns attendees into participants with accurate and fast results displayed live to the audience.

Easy Access to Files

Lighten the load and include session presentation slides in your event app.


Educate and energize participants by turning traditional event activities into thrilling challenges. And don’t forget to get your sponsors involved as well.

event mobi partner belgium mixx

Eventmobi, Our competitive Advantage

To develop your unique and branded event application, we use the ‘EventMobi’ platform. This solid and renowned framework allows us to rapidly develop and modify your application. Being an official EventMobi partner gives us a vital advantage over competitors in the market.