Wireless voting

Looking for fast and accurate live responses?
Provide your audience with voting keypads or apps, show your questions on screen and show the results in seconds

What is wireless voting?

Wireless voting is a powerful tool for live information and data gathering on events, meetings and seminars. Provide your audience with voting keypads,  show your questions on screen and evaluate your audience responses in seconds.
High quality hard- and software combined with our dedicated support guarantee fast and accurate results. We accommodate voting sessions with up to 9000 keypads simultaneously, on single or multiple locations.

The voting process

MIXX provides a keypad for every participant.
During the presentation or event, your questions are shown live onscreen and your audience votes in real-time by simply pushing the number of their choice.
The voting system gathers all votes and shows the results in seconds in graphics and numbers.
Full reports are generated after the meeting

Who is it for?

Interactive voting can be a valuable addition to a wide variety of events. Below our most frequent occasions:

  • Meetings and seminars
  • General assemblies
  • Elections
  • Education and training
  • Interactive quiz

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